19.04.2022 17:50

European Commission spokesman Peter Stano told the KoSSev news portal that working groups from Belgrade and Pristina are scheduled to meet in Brussels on April 20-21 to find a solution for the problem with their license plates.

The authorities in Pristina banned vehicles with Serbian license plates from entering Kosovo with Belgrade imposing reciprocal measures. Tensions ran high before a temporary solution was found – using white stickers to cover Serbian state and Kosovo insignia. The temporary agreement was supposed to be in place for a six month period and expires on April 21 but officials in Belgrade claim it will remain in place while officials in Pristina say it won’t.

Stano said that the European Union will assist both delegations but added that the responsibility lies with the two sides. “We want them to achieve progress by April 21,” he said in a written reply. He added that any agreement on the license plates will demand political flexibility and compromise.

KoSSev recalled that the working groups had seven meetings to date with no disclosure of their progress or who took part in the meetings.