This page contains some Useful Links about Serbian-Albanian relations


  • Conference Kosovo-Serbia: Different Approach

    Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Friday, November 5, 2021

    The aim of the conference is to explore the possibility of alternative, different narratives to the current political discourse. Is it possible to find commonalities in approaching differently topics that are currently being divisive or antagonistic? The topics will focus on the following issues: How has the Other being constructed in the Serbian-Albanian case, how we constructed the perception of Other as hostile, enemy, and forsaken numerous ties and common traits originating from our common (Balkan, Ottoman, Yugoslav…) heritage. What are economic measures that should be taken in order to improve our relations? What are common traits in the transition, privatization, workers’ rights? How is immigration affecting our societies – do migrants traveling through the Balkan route bring some significant change? Can rapid immigration from the Balkans to bring us together in joint efforts to combat it – did we all fought to establish our independent states from which everyone wants to run away as far as possible? What can we offer to our youth and citizens to bind them firmer and prevent them from leaving? How is citizenship understood now / as ethnic or civil allegiance – can different understanding of citizenship, based on loyalty and affiliation with polity, be a different model?

     The project “Kosovo-Serbia: Different Approach” is implemented by the Institute “Musine Kokalari” from Prishtina and Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory from Belgrade, with support of the Olof Palme International Centar’s Western Balkan office.

  • Kosovo cultural institution Qendra Multimedia, publisher of several book of Serbian authors in Albanian, and a co-producer of the joint Serbian-Albanian theatrical production of Romeo and Juliet:

  • Centre for Cultural Decontamination, alternative cultural space in Belgrade that implemented a number of seminal joint projects with Albanians for decades

  • Belgrade festival of Kosovo and Albanian culture Mirëdita, dobar dan

  • Presentation of the NGO and literary journal Poeteka that translates contemporary Serbian literature to Albanian, with an online library of all issues

  • Publishing house Samizdat B92 published in Serbian books by Petrit Imami, Edi Rama, Veton Suroi…

  • Kosovo portal KOSSEV edited by the NGO  Center for Community Development from Kosovka Mitrovica (in Serbian and English)

  • Kosovo main daily newspaper Koha ditore (in Albanian)

  • Hajde, website for learning Serbian and Albanian, an initiative of young Kosovo Albanians and Serbs

  • Serbian-Albanian Friendship (Wikipedia entry – in Serbian)