27 SHTATOR 2021, 13:06POLITICS

Radio Free Europe has learned from diplomatic sources in Brussels that a meeting between negotiating teams from Kosovo and Serbia could take place this week.

EU’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrel has called on the sides to deescalate tensions in the north of Kosovo and has declared that a meeting between chief negotiators in Brussels would be the first step for this.


European diplomatic sources have said the two sides have accepted the invitation to travel to Brussels. In the recent days, efforts have been made to reduce tensions, but sources say that „neither side has changed its position“.


Nevertheless, there’ve been signals that a meeting could take place this week and this positive sign that the sides want to deescalate tensions.


Ethnic Kosovo Serbs have blocked the Kosovo-Serbia border with trucks since last Monday, angry that Kosovo sent in special police to match Serbia in a license plate move that heightens tensions in the Balkans. Kosovo now removes license plates from cars entering the country from Serbia, as Serbia does with Kosovo plates. They both force drivers to buy temporary plates.


Serbia doesn’t recognize its former province of Kosovo as a separate nation and considers their mutual border only as a temporary boundary.