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This part of the site contains a database of media texts on the Serbian-Albanian dialogue from 2018 to 2020 in Serbian and English. The Serbian-Albanian dialogue refers to negotiations between officials of Serbia, Kosovo and the international community regarding the solution of the Kosovo issue.

309, 2020

Meeting with Ex-General Sheds Light on Serbia President’s Options

    Leon Hartwell, BIRN, September 3, 2020 A tete-a-tete between a former US general and Aleksandar Vucic has lifted the lid on Belgrade’s likely course of action when it comes to the all-important

2808, 2020

Lajčak: Negotiations were not straightforward, but we are a step closer to the goal

  By EWB28.08.2020 BRUSSELS – EU Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajčak assessed that yesterday’s round of technical negotiations was by no means straightforward, but that they generated constructive dialogue. “It brought

2707, 2020

Kosovo želi “prijem” u “Apple Maps”: Tretirajte nas kao državu

  Izvor: Kosovo online ponedeljak, 27.07.2020. Kosovska ministarka spoljnih poslova Meljiza Haradinaj Stubla uputila je pismo izvšnom direktoru komanije "Epl" Timu Kuku da u "Apple Maps" uključi Kosovo. Haradinaj Stubla je u svom pismu pomenula

2407, 2020

The dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina at the expert level continued in Brussels

  By EWB24.07.2020 BRUSSELS – A joint meeting of EU Special Representative for Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajčák with Marko Đuric, the representative of Serbia and Skender Hyseni, Kosovo coordinator for dialogue, was held in

2407, 2020

Thaçi and Hoti: Kosovo will not allow reducing dialogue to a technical process

  By EWB24.07.2020   PRISTINA – Kosovo will not allow the Dialogue to be reduced to a technical process, said President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi after the meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti,

2407, 2020

Metohija: An expression of cultural heritage, not „territorial claims“

  Izvor KoSSev, 24. jula 2020. 16:42 By Archimandrite Sava Janjic, Abbot of Visoki Decani monastery While following the discussion on the meaning of the name “Metohija,” especially with the recent articles by Petar

2307, 2020

Embassies respond to Dodik’s idea of linking Republika Srpska with Kosovo issue

    Author: N1 Sarajevo 23.07.2020. Territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina are guaranteed by the Dayton Peace Agreement, while the existence of the country's two entities is entirely dependant on the

2307, 2020

Dodik asks Vucic to negotiate status of Kosovo and Bosnia’s RS region as package

    Author: N1 Sarajevo, 23.07.2020.   When negotiating the status of Kosovo, Serbia should make it clear that the issue can not be discussed without also discussing the status of Bosnia’s Serb-majority

2307, 2020

Bilateral meetings between Belgrade and Pristina with Lajčák held in Brussels

    By EWB, 23.07.2020   BRUSSELS – Bilateral meetings of the EU Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajčák with the delegations of Serbia and Kosovo were held separately in Brussels today,

2307, 2020

A fork in the road for Serbia

    By David L. Phillips , New York, 23. Jul, 2020 The Belgrade-Pristina dialogue recently resumed after a hiatus of 20 months. Successful negotiations must be informed by knowing the interests of both

2207, 2020

Kosovo Needs National Strategy for Sustainable Peace, Report Says

    Xhorxhina Bami, Pristina, BIRN, July 22, 2020 Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina aimed at normalising relations has resumed, but Kosovo still needs a comprehensive strategy to deal with the legacy of the

2107, 2020

Skender Hyseni appointed as Kosovo State Coordinator on Dialogue

  By EWB, 21.07.2020 PRISTINA – Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti has appointed Skender Hyseni as State Coordinator on Dialogue, the Prime Minister’s Office has announced, Gazeta Express reports. “Based on the Kosovo Government’s

2007, 2020

Why “Kosovo i Metohija” offends

  Izvor KoSSev,  20. jula 2020. In May, a Kosovo public service journalist received a second reprimand for using the term „Metohija“, which was interpreted as spreading racial and religious intolerance, as well as

1707, 2020

Serbia and Kosovo to resume rocky road towards an accord with AFP 16-07-2020 Former war foes Serbia and Kosovo will restart talks in Brussels on Thursday (16 July) to normalise their strained relationship after a long stalemate, though the road to settling their

1607, 2020

Serbia-Kosovo Talks Resume As Europe Replaces America as Peacemaker

Alasdair Lane Senior Contributor 16/07/2020 Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. There are hopes today that one of Europe’s most intractable territorial disputes might edge closer to resolution. The leaders of Kosovo

1607, 2020

Kosovo’s Disunited Negotiators can’t Compete With ‘Monolithic’ Serbia

Visar Xhambazi and Leon Hartwell, Pristina, BIRN, July 16, 2020 US and EU-mediated normalization talks are unlikely to end fruitfully while Serbia’s negotiating team is monolithic and Kosovo’s team is divided. White House discussions

1507, 2020

Trump Ex-Adviser Bolton Laments Lost Opportunity on Kosovo

  Ivan Angelovski, BIRN, July 15, 2020 Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, told BIRN that Serbia and Kosovo may have retreated from a point where a deal to settle relations was

1407, 2020

Serbia-Kosovo deal: Can the EU succeed where Trump failed?

  by Dimitar Bechev, 14 Jul 2020 After Trump's failure to tackle the Serbia-Kosovo issue, the EU has taken back the lead. But it cannot do it alone. It would not be a stretch

1407, 2020

Hashim Thaci’s indictment will remain unknown until October

  Source: B92, RTS Tuesday, July 14, 2020 On Monday, the President of the Interim Pristina institutions, Hashim Thaci, was questioned for six hours in the Hague Specialized Prosecutor's Office. It remains unknown what questions

1407, 2020

Were Prosecutors Right to Publicise Charges Against Kosovo’s Thaci?

  Dean B. Pineles, Washington DC, July 14, 2020 The announcement that war crimes charges had been filed against Hashim Thaci and Kadri Veseli caused a political storm, but questions persist about whether prosecutors

1307, 2020

Kosovo-Serbia Deal Must Not Lead to Impunity for War Crimes: US Ex-Ambassador

BIRN, July 13, 2020 Any peace agreement concluded between Kosovo and Serbia should not undermine efforts to hold wrongdoers accountable for atrocities during the 1998-99 conflict, said ex-prosecutor Clint Williamson, a former US ambassador

1307, 2020

Trump Ex-Adviser Bolton Laments Lost Opportunity on Kosovo

  Ivan Angelovski, BIRN, July 15, 2020 Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, told BIRN that Serbia and Kosovo may have retreated from a point where a deal to settle relations was

1307, 2020

Serbia-Kosovo talks ‘back on track’ after video meet with AFP 13-07-2020 The EU said Sunday (12 June) that long-stalled talks between Serbia and Kosovo were “back on track” after a video meeting between the two leaders. Kosovo’s Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti

1207, 2020

Hoti: Priština u dijalogu radi međusobnog priznanja

Tanjug , 12.07.2020. Premijer privremenih prištinskih institucija Avdulah Hoti kaže da dijalog sa Beogradom nema alternativu, ali ističe da u taj proces Prišština ulazi samo radi međusobnog priznavanja i pune normalizacije odnosa, rekao je

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