This text focuses on Serb-Albanian relations in Kosovo in the aftermath of
the February 2008 declaration of independence. It examines encounters
between Serbs and Albanians taking place in the capital Prishtina. My
analysis centers on those encounters from the point of view of Serbs from
Kosovo, mostly those living south of the Ibar River in the area of the
municipality of Gračanica, who work in the capital, commute daily into the
city, and thus partake in the public and social life there. Such interactions
are scarce, as Serb communities in Kosovo are mostly segregated and
disconnected from the newborn state. Yet, they do take place on a small
scale. I analyze daily encounters by looking at the imaginary and existing
boundaries people have to cross if they choose participation over isolation.
The text aims to uncover such practices, which may point to possible
models for change of inter-group relations, as well as contribute to the
discussions about conflict transformation in Kosovo.
Keywords: Kosovo, Serbs in Kosovo, Serb-Albanian relations, encounters,
conflict transformation