3 NËNTOR 2021, 11:45POLITICS

Although an invitation has already been sent, the other three Western Balkan countries still refuse to join the Open Balkans initiative, which has already been embraced by Tirana, Skopje and Belgrade in an effort to boost regional cooperation.


Senior officials in Kosovo argue that this initiative is dangerous for Pristina. Kosovo’s foreign minister, Donika Gervall says the region doesn’t need this sort of cooperation.

We have already analyzed the Open Balkans and the Association and they’re damaging. The Association (of Serbian Municipalities) creates a second Bosnia in Kosovo. We don’t want to be penalized like Bosnia. We don’t have the luxury of implementing agreements which are damaging to us,“ she says.

Meanwhile, the European Union and the US have said that they support any initiative which promotes a common regional market, but they have also said that this process should be inclusive. TemA