US State Secretary Antony Blinken wrote in a letter to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić that Washington is “committed to our longstanding partnership”.

“We share the vision of a stable, prosperous, and democratic Serbia on the path to EU membership. The United States’ longstanding goal has been to see Serbia and Kosovo reach a comprehensive agreement centred on mutual recognition,” the letter wrote. Fulfiling this prerequisite “will advance the European future of the whole region,” it added.

Blinken added that this will “require flexibility, forward-thinking and the willingness of all sides to compromise.” And Kosovo’s foreign minister, Donika Gervalla, said in an exclusive interview for BIRN that “the pledge made in Washington (last September) is a terrible violation of Kosovo law. You cannot pause the integrity and constitutionality of a country in any situation. We are not an experiment, we are a sovereign state.”

Kosovo signed an agreement with the government of then US President Donald Trump agreeing to a one-year moratorium on applying for membership of international organisations.

(Željko Trkanjec |