By EWB29.05.2020

PRISTINA – US Special Envoy Richard Grenell reacted after Kosovo Constitutional Court decided that the new Government can be formed without an election and unanimously decided in favour of President Hashim Thaci’s decree on nominating Avdullah Hoti of the LDK to form new Government, Gazeta Express reports.

Grenell said that everybody should respect the Court’s ruling.

“The Constitutional Court has spoken. To guarantee peace and stability, and to maintain integrity of judiciary system in Kosovo – all should respect the Court’s decision,” Grenell said in a statement to Gazeta Express.

He added that he is looking forward to cooperate with the people of Kosovo and their government, to bring prosperity, development, and jobs in the region.

Kosovo Parliament likely to convene and vote new Government before Monday

The Chief of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), Arben Gashi, believes that the Parliament will convene and vote new Government before Monday.

Gashi said the Court’s ruling was expected for the LDK and that it is in line with the Constitution.

“The procedures are very simple. All that is needed is that I, as a chief of LDK’s caucus, send a letter to the Speaker of Parliament on scheduling the date and hour for holding of the parliament session,” Gashi explained, Gazeta Express reports.

Gashi added that the new LDK-led coalition with the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and Nisma has sufficient votes to vote the Government.

“Formation of new government requires 61 votes in the Parliament, and I have already submitted a motion with signatures of 61 MPs,” Gashi pointed out.