By EWB11.09.2018

BRUSSELS – Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs and rapporteur on Serbia David McAllister said that it is currently impossible to predict either the content or the date for reaching a potential agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, but also that Vučić and Thaçi have decided to raise the normalisation to the “next level”.

In the light of President Vučić’s visit to Kosovo, as well as meeting with Thaçi in Brussels that did not take place, McAllister stated for Tanjug that there are challenges, but also that Presidents have shown commitment.

“I am aware that the dialogue is very challenging. However, there are positive signals for building mutual trust. Both sides have secured Vučić’s arrival in Kosovo. It would be positive if the new round of dialogue continued in Brussels by the end of the month”, McAllister said.

Asked about differences in positions of the sides in dialogue and international community on the possible content of the final solution, as well as date for reaching it, rapporteur for Serbia pointed out that it is Belgrade and Pristina who decide “on the topics and time-frame” of the negotiations, while EU is only facilitating the dialogue.

“It is currently impossible to predict either content or date of a potential agreement”, McAllister stated.

He emphasised that comprehensive normalisation of relations would be beneficial for the future and stability of the region and Europe as a whole.