Author: KoSSev , 22.05.2020.

American political analyst and Balkans expert Daniel Serwer told the KoSSev news portal that he believes that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and his Kosovo counterpart Hashim Thaci could reach an agreement which could destabilize the region.


I fear that Vucic and Thaci could reach an agreement by September that would include an exchange of territories and would destabilize Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, the Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, he said in an interview for the Serbian-language portal from the north of Kosovo.

Serwer said he is campaigning against a possible exchange of territories, adding that he is not claiming that a possible agreement would include a land swap but that in this case “there’s too much smoke for there not be fire”.

According to Serwer, an agreement will be very hard to reach. “I simply don’t believe that Thaci is willing to accept what Serbia will offer because it is not offering the three municipalities in southern Serbia and I know that Vucic is not prepared to accept what Thaci is prepared to offer and that does not include Mitrovica North,” he said.

Serwer said the details of an agreement are not what’s important to the American envoys involved in resolving the Kosovo problem but signatures are. He added that the important thing for them is for the ceremony to be in the White House Rose Garden and for President Donald Trump to be able to claim an international sensation.

Serwer said that a letter of intent to reach an agreement could be signed by Vucic and Thaci to satisfy Trump but warned that this would leave all the problems to the Europeans.