By EWB17.09.2018

PRISTINA – In an op-ed, originally published on his official website, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi once again argued that border correction between his country and Serbia is necessary, because it is the only way for Kosovo to become a member of the UN, NATO and EU. Membership in these organizations is unavoidably related to Kosovo’s long-term stability, he reminded.

“In this manner, Kosovo will be a viable state for eternity, a member of the peace loving nations in the UN, a member of the strongest military alliance in the world, NATO, and finally, a member of the European Union”, Thaçi wrote.

However, this will not be possible unless a compromise is reached with Serbia.

“You may say that Kosovo has already made all its painful compromises. I agree with you again. But the reality is more stubborn than our arguments. Recognition by Serbia is our primary hindrance on our Euro-Atlantic journey”, Kosovo’s President wrote.

Allies of Kosovo, such as USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and others will not be able to convince Serbia to recognize Kosovo, Thaçi underlined. Since Serbia will never regard Kosovo as an independent state as long as it is in its current borders, their correction is the only option.

“I have argued that the eventual agreement on the peaceful border correction with Serbia ensures Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo as well as the union of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja with our country. I have expected rational counter arguments but all I have heard to date is lots of noise and in the worst cases, hatred. Kosovo is too small a country to produce so much hate, which divides our society”, he wrote.

“The non-believers of the legally binding agreement between Kosovo and Serbia are at ease dispersing fear on the quasi-destabilisation of the region and ethnic divisions in the Balkans. They are creating panic and obscurity, by falsely conceiving the same arguments as on the eve of the declaration of independence”, he added.

Reminding of his recent meetings and talks with other regional leaders, Thaçi stressed that the move he is proposing will not be an opening of “Pandora’s box”.

“The time of wars and conflicts between Kosovo and Serbia, in my opinion, has elapsed. But the end of this era can only be ascertained when we reach a final peaceful agreement between Kosovo and Serbia”, he concluded.