Izvor: N1  14.01.2019.


Kosovo media reported on Monday that Washington has asked Pristina to revoke the 100 percent tariffs on goods from Serbia or it will suspend US aid to the Kosovo Security Forces.

The media said that a written message had been sent to Pristina from the US National Security Council and State Department, warning that Washington’s support was no unconditional and recalling that the tariffs were imposed without consulting the US administration.

The eight-point letter said that if an agreement is not reached because of Pristina, Kosov will bear the responsibility and bear the consequences along with the reponsible individuals.

The letter is reported to ha ve said that a Belgrade-Pristina agremenet is a strategic US interest and warned that the irresponsible actions of Kosovo’s leaders are endangering that strategic goal.

It also expressed regret over the fact that there were no positive reactions from the Kosovo government to US President Donald Trump’s letter to President Hashim Thaci but that the number of goods falling under the tariffs decision had been increased.

The letter allegedly says that Pristina’s irresponsible behaviour is seriously jeopardizing Kosovo’s friendship with the US.