Beta  12.05.2020.

A spokesman for US special envoy for Kosovo Ambassador Richard Grenell said that Russia is welcome to join in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue to help achieve peace and stability.

Spokesman Dick Custin told Radio Free Europe that anyone who can help achieve those two goals is welcome to join in the dialogue to normalize relations between Belgrade and Pristina. “Everyone who can contribute ideas to help stability, peace and the prosperity of Serbia and Kosovo is welcome,” RFE quoted him as saying.

The head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo Marko Djuric said that Belgrade’s stand is that the solution to the Kosovo issue should be sought only within the frameworks of UN Security Council resolution 1244 under which, he said, Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia.

Russia’s Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko told Politika daily that Moscow could join in the dialogue if Belgrade invites it to do so. He added that Russia will only agree to a solution acceptable to Serbia. “The question is what was the goal of attempts to twist Russia’s approach and present it as something completely different,” he said. According to the ambassador, the UN Security Council should not pay any less attention to Kosovo because a definite solution should be in line with international law and approved by the Council.