Die Morina, BIRN, March 18, 2019


Kosovo’s incoherent and badly thought-out foreign policy initiatives are testing the patience of its most important partners, experts warn.

A flurry of senior diplomatic visits in recent days has put new pressure on Kosovo to restore EU-sponsored talks with Serbia and cancel the retaliatory tariffs it has imposed on imports from Serbia and Bosnia.

The visits highlight the way Kosovo’s erratic foreign policy is damaging its relations with its main international ally, the US – and threatening relations with the EU and Germany as well.

The US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, David Hale, visited Belgrade on Friday and then Pristina over the weekend, to urge both countries to work harder to normalize their still very tense relations.

Hale was followed by two senior advisors to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Jan Hecker and Matthias Luttenberg, who met Kosovo officials on Monday.