Author: FoNet N1 Belgrade 15.09.2020.

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci said on Tuesday that only the US could bring along an agreement on mutual recognition between Belgrade and Pristina and that all other efforts were in vain.

On the occasion of the Jewish New Year, starting on Friday, Thaci said that by brokering the Economic Normalisation agreement at the White House on September 4, President Donald Trump “achieved the impossible.”

During the celebration of the Jewish New Year in Pristina, Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a message saying: “I extend the hand of friendship to the people of Kosovo.“

„What makes us happy and proud is that, after many efforts, this mutual recognition has happened at the White House, has come from Washington. We’ll have more peace,” Thaci said.

According to what Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said, mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia wasn’t agreed upon after Serbia’s delegation had refused anything regarding that to be on the agenda.

“President Trump put an effort for that to happen. He has done what others haven’t in 20 years. After it’s been seen that the economic normalisation can happen in Washington, I’m convinced the political normalisation can happen as well, and mutual recognition can only happen in Washington. Other attempts are a waste of time,” Thaci said.

No further meetings in Washington have been scheduled yet.

Thaci added that Israeli’s recognition of Kosovo would be beneficial for all regional countries and that Kosovo stood by Israel in fighting terrorism and extremism.