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This part of the site contains a database of media texts on the Serbian-Albanian dialogue from 2018 to 2020 in Serbian and English. The Serbian-Albanian dialogue refers to negotiations between officials of Serbia, Kosovo and the international community regarding the solution of the Kosovo issue.

1910, 2018

Cooper: Belgrade-Pristina dialogue was a success rather than failure

  Nikola Burazer, 19.10.2018 Interview with Robert Cooper, council member at the European Council for Foreign Relations (ECFR). Cooper worked for ten years for the EU High Representative, Javier Solana and later Catherine Ashton, and is

1910, 2018

Kosovo moves to create an army, Serbia warns of ‘threat to peace’ with AFP  19-10-2018 Kosovo on Thursday (18 October) took the first steps towards creating its own army, ten years after it declared independence, despite fierce opposition from the ethnic Serb minority and Serbia

1210, 2018

EP’s Reports on Serbia and Kosovo: What kind of solution was actually supported?

By EWB12.10.2018 BRUSSELS – Information that an amendment mentioning demarcation had been included in the Report on Progress of Serbia for European Parliament has been met with different interpretations, and the Parliament emphasised for

910, 2018

Normalization Talks Between Kosovo, Serbia Hit Snag Over Tariff Dispute

November 09, 2018 RFE/RL's Balkan Service   An attempt by the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to move closer to an agreement on long-standing disputes that would further their bids to join the European

210, 2018

“Taj potez se može posmatrati i kao poruka Srbiji…”

Iako je delovalo da su reakcije Beograda skromne, niz izjava i susreta pokazali su da Srbija ozbiljno tretira korak Prištine u pravcu formiranja vojske Kosova. Izvor: Dojče vele subota, 20.10.2018. Odluka kosovske skupštine da usvoji

210, 2018

Serbians in Favour of Belgrade-Pristina Talks: Survey

A new survey suggests that the majority of Serbian citizens are in favour of the EU-mediated talks between Belgrade and Pristina to normalise relations. Maja ZivanovicBIRNBelgrade, 02.11.2018. A survey published on Friday by Serbian

110, 2018

Tajni pregovori Vučića i Tačija: Politika “dila” Pregovori o razmeni teritorija između Srbije i Kosova, koji se tako ne zovu jer se zvanično negiraju, uključuju strane kreatore politike na Balkanu koji su sada spremni da pogaze principe koje su godinama isticali

110, 2018

UN SC to discuss Kosovo in November after 3-month pause

Izvor: Shutterstock After the three-month-long break in discussing Kosovo at the UN Security Council’s meetings, this month the topic goes back to the agenda under the China’s presidency, the Beta news agency reported, citing

2709, 2018

EU replies to “when and what kind” of solution is possible

The solution to the Kosovo issue, which implies change of borders, is possible only if the EU and the UNSC agree on it, beside Belgrade and Pristina.   Tanjug,  September 27, 2018 This has

2609, 2018

Breaking old habits in the Balkans

Robert Cooper, 26th September, 2018 “An intellectual hatred is the worst”, says W B Yeats, “So let her think opinions are accursed.” That’s what I used to think when I was involved in diplomacy

1709, 2018

For a peaceful border correction between Kosovo and Serbia

By Hashim Thaçi , 17-09-2018 The peaceful border correction with Serbia is an opportunity for mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia that should not be missed, writes Hashim Thaçi, the President of Kosovo. I

1709, 2018

Kosovo-Serbia Deal – Saving Faces or Saving Borders?

Gëzim Krasniqi BIRN, 17 Sep 18 2018-09-17 16:10:49 The contradictory reactions to proposals to resolve the Kosovo issue through border changes has exposed the international community’s confusion over what its priorities are. Recent announcements

1709, 2018

Thaçi: Without border correction, there will be no recognition from Serbia

By EWB17.09.2018 PRISTINA – In an op-ed, originally published on his official website, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi once again argued that border correction between his country and Serbia is necessary, because it is the

1309, 2018

Serbian President says he wants EU membership guarantee as part of Kosovo deal Ivana Sekularac, September 13, 2018 BELGRADE (Reuters) - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he would seek a guarantee that his country would join the European Union in 2025 as part of any deal with

1309, 2018

Kosovo-president-calls-for-political-unity-on-Serbia’s-talks's-talks Florent Bajrami and Llazar Semini, 13. 09. 2018. FLORENT BAJRAMI AND LLAZAR SEMINI Sep. 13, 2018 Kosovo president calls for political unity on Serbia’s talks By FLORENT BAJRAMI AND LLAZAR SEMINI Sep. 13, 2018

1309, 2018

An Offensive Plan for the Balkans That the U.S. Should Get Behind

A Kosovo-Serbia land swap would be peaceful ethnic cleansing. But at least it would bring peace. By Charles A. Kupchan Sept. 13, 2018 The Balkans remains in strategic limbo. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia

1109, 2018

McAllister: Vučić and Thaçi have raised the normalisation to the “next level”

By EWB11.09.2018 BRUSSELS – Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs and rapporteur on Serbia David McAllister said that it is currently impossible to predict either the content or the date for reaching

1109, 2018

Kosovo hopes for a deal with Serbia by spring

September 11, 2018   BLED, Slovenia (Reuters) - Kosovo expects to reach a deal with Serbia which will enable both countries to progress toward joining the European Union by next spring at the latest,

1009, 2018

Serbia’s Vucic says long road ahead in talks with Kosovo with Reuters ‎Sep‎ ‎10‎, ‎2018 Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić pledged to continue talks with Kosovo officials to resolve differences but warned it would take a long time to reach a broad deal with Pristina

1009, 2018

Tači: Na kraju dijaloga medjusobno priznanje i učlanjenje Kosova u EU, NATO i UN

10.09.2018 BETA Predsednik Kosova Hašim Tači ocenio je u intervjuu agenciji Beta da će rezultat konačnog pravno obavezujućeg sporazuma o normalizaciji odnosa izmedju Kosova i Srbije biti medjusobnom priznanje, učlanjenje Kosova u EU, NATO

709, 2018

Kosovo and Serbia need wide consensus to resolve conflict, expert says

By Karolina Zbytniewska |, Sep‎ ‎07‎, ‎2018 The presidents of Kosovo and Serbia have floated the idea of a land swap to settle their disputes. The proposal, involving the predominantly Serb northern Kosovo and

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